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Myriad RBM’s biomarker discovery platform provides clinical researchers, physicians, and healthcare providers with reproducible quantitative multiplexed data for hundreds of proteins to advance drug development and patient care. The company’s proprietary Multi Analyte Profiling (MAP) technology offers preclinical and clinical researchers broad, cost-effective analyses of multiple proteins from a single small sample volume. Myriad RBM’s MAP technology also supports the development of companion diagnostics in areas of unmet medical need within the fields of neurology, psychiatry, nephrology, endocrinology, oncology, and immunology.


Leader in Companion Diagnostics:


Myriad RBM is harnessing the promise of personalized medicine through the development of companion diagnostic tests to tailor treatment for patients.  The Company is a leader in the development of companion diagnostic products.


World-Class Protein Biomarker Companion Diagnostic Services:


Myriad RBM is a pioneer in the field of blood-based protein biomarker services and immunoassay multiplexing with the industry’s largest menu of quantitative immunoassays to be used in the identification and quantification of protein biomarkers.  Together with its biopharma partners, Myriad RBM is advancing personalized medicine through the discovery of biomarker patterns that help biopharmaceutical companies increase the safety and efficacy of drugs in development.


Developing Tests to Solve Medical Needs:


Myriad RBM is focused on developing transformative tests to solve complex medical problems more effectively and more efficiently.  The Company is committed to addressing unmet clinical needs across numerous medical specialties including oncology, inflammation and neurological disorders.


Myriad RBM’s facilities include the biomarker testing laboratory, located in Austin, TX; a multiplex immunoassay development and GMP kit manufacturing facility in Lake Placid, NY, and a cell culture manufacturing and services lab in Reutlingen, Germany. Myriad RBM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Myriad Genetics, Inc. (MYGN).


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