Prolaris: A Prognostic Medicine Product for Prostate Cancer


Prolaris is a genomic test developed to aid physicians in predicting prostate cancer aggressiveness in conjunction with clinical parameters such as Gleason score and PSA. Prolaris is a direct molecular measure of prostate cancer tumor biology. By measuring the expression levels of genes involved with cancer replication, Prolaris is able to more accurately predict disease progression. 


 Prolaris is a risk stratification tool, designed to measure the aggressiveness of a patient’s cancers to better predict an individual’s relative risk of disease progression within ten years. It can enable physicians to better define a treatment/monitoring strategy for their patients.


Prolaris is significantly more prognostic than currently used clinicopathologic variables and provides unique additional information that can be combined with other clinical factors to make the most accurate prediction of a patient’s cancer aggressiveness and therefore disease progression.


Prolaris has been proven to predict clinical progression in 4 different clinical cohorts, in both pre and post-treatment scenarios.


Prolaris has been extensively analyzed more than any other relative test. More than  3500 patients have been participated in Prolaris clinical studies and have been published 5 clinical validation and 2 clinical utility studies.


Prolaris as a Tool in Prostate Cancer Treatment


In the treatment of prostate cancer, Prolaris is prognostic at the point of diagnosis and in the post surgery setting.


At diagnosis, Prolaris can help to identify patients with less aggressive cancer who may be candidates for active surveillance.  In addition, Prolaris can define patients who appear clinically low-risk but have a more aggressive disease that requires more aggressive treatment.


Prolaris testing is also well suited for use in post-prostatectomy patients that have higher risk features after surgery to better estimate their risk of disease recurrence (BCR) and therefore adjust the level of monitoring or add additional therapy.



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