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Gene Analysis

Gene Analysis is the Exclusive Distributor of Myriad Genetics for Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia and other jurisdictions.

Gene Analysis collaborates with an extensive network of laboratories and healthcare providers, offering to the patients the to take the benefits of Myriad Genetics testing.

Gene Analysis

How it Works


Ask your doctor about genetic testing to see if you might benefit from a screening.


For testing, a small amount of blood will be drawn, or a saliva sample or biopsy is taken


Test results will be available in about two to three weeks. Talk to your doctor about any questions

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About Us Myriad Genetics

Founded in 1991, Myriad was one of the first genomic companies, driven by the vision of elucidating the role genes play in human disease and using this critical information to improve patient care by developing novel molecular diagnostic products.

Industry-leading accuracy so you can feel confident in your results.

Myriad Genetics protects your personal information.

Clear, actionable results, and support along the way.

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Gene Analysis

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